Best Alternative in 2024

What's the best alternative in 2024? Find out in this article. Compare pricing and features.
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Best Alternative in 2024

What's the best alternative in 2024? Find out in this article. Compare pricing and features.

Looking for an alternative? 

AdCreative AI is great for freelancers, designers, and small businesses. But it lacks the horsepower and flexibility that seasoned marketers and big-league agencies need to mass-create high-quality ads for multiple channels. So what other options are out there?

Meet AdGen AI: the leading programmatic creative solution that uses Generative AI technologies to create, test, and launch ads at scale.

AdGen AI makes it easy to create and publish content on multiple ad channels based on several input factors, including your website URL, brand identity, historical data, and more.

Plus, it’s built upon millions of ad creatives that marketers around the world have created, meaning your ads are way more accurate and human-like.

Let's dig a little deeper into the tool and see how it compares with

AdGen AI: The Best Alternative in 2024

A screenshot of ads created by AI - AdGen AI is a great tool for small businesses and individuals. But if you're after a robust and flexible tool for your marketing agency or brand, AdGen AI is the better choice. 

AdGen AI is the leading programmatic creative solution, which creates, A/B tests, and publishes ads at scale.

The platform crafts irresistible ad copy and visuals, perfectly tailored to multiple ad channels and ad formats in minutes.

You don’t need to do any advanced prompting – the software automatically analyzes your existing web copy and value propositions and creates original ad copies that matches your messaging style + resonates with your target audience.

You can also adjust the generated ad copy and visuals as needed, and once you’re satisfied, launch them on Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok natively from the platform. 

These ads are pre-configured in the right ad formats so you don't need to take the extra step.

“The images are absolutely stunning!”
- Yevgeniy Malyarchuk, Social Media Manager, Cirque du Soleil

Got a lot of ads to keep track of? No problem.

AdGen AI automatically generates UTM trackers for complex marketing campaigns. You can also access a library of frequently used UTMs from other marketers so you don’t have to think of one from scratch. 

Also, it's free. Generate and publish up to 100 ads per month at no cost.

Who can use it?

AdGen AI is built for marketers from:

✔️ eCommerce brands 

✔️Marketing agencies


✔️Small businesses and startups

5 Reasons Why AdGen AI is The Better Choice for Marketers

So, how does AdGen AI compare with AdCreative AI? Let's look at 5 main ways:

1. Not just create, but also publish ads

Create and publish ads on different channels - AdGen AI

The main advantage of AdGen AI over is that AdGen not only creates ads, but also pushes them live to an ad platform of your choice.

We currently support four main ad channels:

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • TikTok Ads

But we're constantly adding new channels to the list!

This means marketers can truly put their ad creation process on auto-pilot.

No more of having to log into different platforms. No more having to tweak formats to fit channel specifics.

2. Get a complete marketing command center

AdGen AI is more than just an ad design tool like or Canva. It’s supported by an ecosystem of business intelligence tools powered by Adriel

After you create and launch your ads, connect all your ad accounts to a marketing dashboard.

Then, start tracking ad performance in real-time and edit your marketing campaigns across all channels from the dashboard. Adjust bids, reallocate ad spend, A/B test ad creatives, and underperforming campaigns. 

What’s more, you also get unique creative insights and suggestions on Adriel’s creative management platform.

See which keywords, colors, and emojis drive better conversions on your ads and use them in your next ones. 

Wordcloud on Adriel - AdGen AI

3. Boost ROAS through native A/B testing

AdGen AI gives you data-driven results. Improve your conversion rates and maximize your ROAS through A/B testing with multiple on-brand ad content and images that resonate with your target audience. 

4. Continuous Data Feeding to Finetune the Models

AdGen AI stands out from conventional ChatGPT applications by seamlessly connecting with marketing platform APIs to glean insights from previous campaigns. 

This data-driven approach enhances the quality of generated ads, setting it apart as a truly innovative solution. The "Adriel Ad Creative Bank," incorporating millions of creatives, provides a vast resource for inspiration, offering a distinct advantage in the realm of ad creative generation.

5. Comprehensive Creativity

AdGen AI transcends ad copy generation to include ad image creation, using precisely crafted LLM prompts combined with the latest AI technologies.

The platform's ability to automatically detect optimal text placement within images ensures that every ad is not only perfectly formatted but also visually captivating.

This synthesis of copy and images transforms AdGen AI's output into powerful, complete ads tailored to various platforms.

Get started with AdGen AI

It takes just quick 3 easy steps to create and launch ads from AdGen AI:

Step 1: Enter a website URL that will be the landing page of your ads. Choose your desired brand tone and voice, and write a product summary. 

Step 2: It will generate ads in the right format for each of your products, ad sets, and keywords that align with your messaging style and resonate with your target audience

Step 3: Publish ads across your platform of choice in one click. You don’t need to format the ads, nor do you need to download and upload them separately.

Start creating ads for free below! Alternative - FAQs

If you're wondering about, we answered some commonly asked questions about the tool below:

Is Good?

Ad creative AI logo - AdGen AI is a digital marketing tool that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to create ads and social media posts. You input your target audience and the platform you are creating the ads on, and it generates conversion-focused ad creatives that are aligned with your brand.

Just like any software, has its pros and cons. Here are some:


  • High-quality creatives high-quality
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Multiple creatives options to choose from


  • High cost not suitable for startups with tight budgets
  • Integrates with only limited ad networks
  • Users cannot edit AI generated text
  • Lack of end-to-end campaign management
  • Less customization features

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some reviews that real users have left on third-party software aggregator websites.

AdCreative.AI reviews

For someone who has never run ads before, AdCreative AI is likely a great tool. For someone like myself, or an agency looking for a more flexible/robust tool, I would recommend looking at another solution.
Read the full review here.
The best part is that it's smart enough for non-designers like me to use, so it's perfect for small businesses who don't have the budget for a full-time graphic designer.
Read the full review here.
Great tool but performance is less than optimal.
Read the full review here.
The ad publishing to Google Ads and Facebook Ads has never worked correctly for me. Some of the generated designs are really unusable. The selection of built in stock images is pretty low.
Read the full review here.
Sometimes sitting in front of a blank screen trying to create ads is challenging. can help get you started.
Read the full review here.

Based on these reviews, it seems to be a great tool for beginners and small businesses, but it drops the ball when it comes to advanced features, performance, and actually getting ads published.

How much does cost?

AdCreative.AI cost - AdGen AI operates on a credit-based subscription model, with different plans for startups, professionals, and agencies. As of September 2023, it starts at $29 per month and offers a 7-day free trial with 10 credits.

Who is the main competitor for AdCreative AI?

As of 2024, the only close contender for AdCreative AI is AdGen AI. 

AdGen AI is an AI-powered creative generator for marketers which streamlines ad creation and launch on multiple ad channels based on several input factors, including the landing page, brand identity, historical data, and more. 

Marketers can just input a website URL and get a collection of high-quality ad copy and visuals, and publish them across different ad accounts in one click. 

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