Create TikTok and LinkedIn Ads with AdGen AI

Find out how you can create TikTok and LinkedIn ads in as short as 2 minutes, using an AI tool.
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Create TikTok and LinkedIn Ads with AdGen AI

Find out how you can create TikTok and LinkedIn ads in as short as 2 minutes, using an AI tool.

Have you ever wondered, "How can I create high-performing ads on LinkedIn?" or "How can my ads stand out on TikTok?" If so, this article is tailor-made for you.

AdGen AI, the AI-powered ad generation platform, is excited to announce that you can now effortlessly create and publish ads on LinkedIn and TikTok.

But that's just the beginning—new channels are on the horizon.

Why LinkedIn and TikTok Ads?

Exploring the advertising potential of LinkedIn and TikTok reveals that these platforms are not just social networks; they're powerful tools for both B2B and B2C brands.

AdGen AI amplifies this potential by enabling marketers to effortlessly generate a wide array of ad variations tailored to their audience's specific needs.

Let's dive into how AdGen AI can elevate your advertising strategy on these platforms.

Maximizing Engagement with LinkedIn Ads through AdGen AI

LinkedIn is renowned for its B2B marketing capabilities, but it's also an effective channel for B2C brands looking to engage with a professional audience or work on their corporate communication.

AdGen AI transforms LinkedIn advertising by enabling you to:

  • Create Broad-Spectrum Engagement: Effortlessly produce a multitude of ad variations with AdGen AI, designed to resonate with LinkedIn's diverse user base, fostering meaningful connections within a professional setting.
  • Achieve Versatile Content Creation: Seamlessly generate varied content, from thought leadership articles to engaging product highlights, ensuring your narrative speaks to the wide-ranging interests of the LinkedIn community.
  • Implement Strategic Audience Targeting: Precisely adjust your campaigns with AdGen AI to target specific professional demographics with B2B-oriented content, while also capturing a broader audience with B2C messages, optimizing engagement across all sectors.
LinkedIn video ad created by AdGen AI

Expanding Your Reach on TikTok with AdGen AI

Known for its vibrant and creative environment, TikTok is the perfect stage to capture the attention of all demographics, even though younger generation is the most present on the app.

AdGen AI enables you to effortlessly craft and iterate on engaging, trend-driven content, ensuring your brand remains relevant and compelling in the ever-changing TikTok landscape.

With AdGen AI, craft ads that truly resonate with TikTok audience and match the social media DNA:

  • Embrace Innovative Outreach: Use AdGen AI to create unconventional ad variations that embody your brand's essence in content that's engaging, digestible, and perfectly aligned with the TikTok audience's preferences.
  • Engage Through Storytelling: Transform your messaging into compelling stories with AdGen AI, humanizing your brand and simplifying complex offerings to make them more accessible and appealing to the TikTok community.
  • Scale A/B Testing for DTC and E-commerce: Utilize TikTok's dynamic nature by employing AdGen AI for the rapid creation and iteration of captivating, product-centric ads, enhancing engagement and conversions among the platform's vast, active user base.

In today's digital landscape, where attention spans are dwindling and the competition for eyeballs is fierce, creating standout ads has become increasingly challenging.

Adopting Generative AI with AdGen AI isn't just a necessity for staying ahead; it's a strategic move to reallocate your time to tasks of higher strategic significance.

By leveraging AdGen AI, marketers can tap into the full potential of platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok, ensuring their ads are not just seen but genuinely engaged with, driving significant results.

The AdGen AI Advantage: AI supported by Adriel Ad Creative Bank

For those new to Adriel, it's a business intelligence solution that empowers marketers to understand and leverage their data for better ROI.

Adriel also boasts a creative bank of over 30 million assets that fuels AdGen AI, enabling the creation of high-performing ads.

Therefore, AdGen AI isn't merely about generating ads; it's about redefining the creative process to make your ads resonate deeply with your audience, addressing the advertising industry's paradigm shift.

A Whole New Process to Revolutionize the Way You Do Ads

The advent of Generative AI necessitates a shift from linear advertising processes to a more virtuous cycle that includes:

  1. Insight-Driven Ideation: Find out new ideas from your current content, website, previous campaigns...
  2. Dynamic & Custom Creation Design: Tailor designs based on your previous campaign insights and KPIs.
  3. Omnichannel Experience Publishing: Ensure a cohesive brand presence across all platforms.
  4. Agile Optimization Loop: Continuously refine strategies based on performance data.
Ad creation process with Adriel/AdGen AI

Generative AI and BI solutions to Boost Creativity

With AdGen AI, you can effortlessly generate many variations of ad content, from images and videos to text, ensuring your message is fresh, relevant, and engaging across both LinkedIn and TikTok.

This also allows you to A/B test at scale, and find the best content that resonate with your consumers.

The power of AI not only enhances creativity but also streamlines your workflow, allowing you to produce more content in less time, with fewer resources. This efficiency translates into more opportunities for peak performance via A/B testing by:

  • Testing
  • Learning
  • Optimizing
  • Recreating more powerful content
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